Gateway P Series P-7811FX
Model Specifications
Memory Type
Memory Speed
Memory Slot(s)
Max. Memory Per Slot
Max. Memory Per System
Standard Memory
Dual Channel Memory Support
Tri-Channel Memory Support
Install Memory in Pairs
Intel PM45
4096MB (4GB)
8192MB (8GB)
4096MB (4GB) Removable
Not require to install in pairs
Gateway P Series P-7811FX
Available Modules
Gateway P Series P-7811FX
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1GB 1066Mhz DDR3 for Gateway P Series P-7811FX
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2GB 1066Mhz DDR3 for Gateway P Series P-7811FX
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4GB 1066Mhz DDR3 for Gateway P Series P-7811FX
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4GB Kit (2x2GB) 1066Mhz DDR3 for Gateway P Series P-7811FX
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8GB Kit (2x4GB) 1066Mhz DDR3 for Gateway P Series P-7811FX
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Why choose Black Diamond for your memory upgrades?

Black Diamond Computer Memory Upgrades for the Gateway P Series P-7811FXare engineered to exact OEM specifications using only top-grade components. Black Diamond memory sticks provide maximum power, speed, quality and reliability. OKmemory guarantees 100% performance and compatibility with your Gateway P Series P-7811FX.
The quality of all Black Diamond products is highlighted by our ISO 9001:2000 certification and is the foundation for us surpassing our customer’s expectations. Our compatibility lab currently is home to over 300 unique systems and ensures that each RAM module is double tested to guarantee 100% compatibility.
  • 100% Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Manufactured to Exact RAM OEM Specifications
  • Toll-Free Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty

Video Installation Guide

General Installation Guides

HTML Laptop Memory Installation (General)
Install laptop
OR, choose the appropriate installation guide for your Gateway P Series P-7811FX or see our How To Install Computer Memory Guide. Handout for Memory Installation Guide
Memory Upgrade Installation Guide in pdf
Memory Upgrade Installation Guide in jpg

General questions about upgrading memory

What is memory?
Memory or RAM is a piece of hardware in your Gateway P Series P-7811FX that holds software applications that you are working on. It serves as temporary working space between your computer's hard drive and CPU.

Why add memory to my computer?
Adding memory will improve your Gateway P Series P-7811FX's performance. Specifically, it will speed up opening new applications, running multiple applications at once, and switching between software applications (multi-tasking).

How does additional memory improve performance?
One task that additional memory speeds up is opening a new software application. Let's take this as an example. When you open a new application on your Gateway P Series P-7811FX, your computer's CPU fetches the application from the hard drive and stores it in RAM memory. It stores it in RAM because RAM is very fast relative to the hard drive. When RAM gets full, and you open a new application then the CPU needs to kick out one of your open applications, put it back on the slow hard drive, fetch the new application from the hard drive, and place the new application in RAM. Basically, it swaps the applications.
This game of swapping wastes time. Ideally, your computer could have an infinite amount of RAM. Then your CPU would fetch an application once from the hard drive, save it into RAM, and never need to kick out another application. There is no such thing as infinite RAM, but you can max out the RAM on your computer by adding the maximum amount of memory to each socket.

How do I max out the memory on my system?
The maximum RAM your Gateway P Series P-7811FX can support is 8192MB (8GB), and your system has 2 sockets.
To max out your RAM memory, add the maximum amount of memory to each memory socket.To find out how much RAM each socket can support, divide the system maximum RAM amount by the total number of sockets in your system. For example, if your system maximum RAM is 2GB, and your system has 2 total sockets then the maximum amount each socket can support is 1GB. If one of the sockets is already filled then you can always remove the existing module and replace it with a higher capacity module.

Will adding memory void my warranty?
No. The 1975 Magnusson-Moss Act prevents OEM manufacturers from disqualifying a warranty when 3rd party memory is used. For more details, please see the Magnuson-Moss Act.

What is memory speed?
Memory speed refers to the amount of time that memory (RAM) takes to put data into its memory or send it out. Your device's memory will have an upper limit on the speed at which it can operate.

What is a memory kit?
A memory kit is a number of memory modules sold as a unit or a kit. For example, a 1GB memory kit will contain two 512MB modules. This is written as (2x512MB).

What is the difference between RAM & Hard Drive Memory?
RAM and hard drive disk space are both referred to as memory which can be confusing. RAM is a series of memory sticks in your computer that temporarily holds software applications and documents that you are working on, prior to saving it. Once saved, the documents or software applications are saved permanently on your hard drive. If you are running low on disk space on your hard drive you can consider purchasing a portable hard drive or flash drives to store your files on.

About your Gateway P Series

What type of memory do I need?
Your Gateway P Series uses 1066 type memory.

What is the maximum amount of memory that I can add?
Your Gateway P Series can support up to 8192MB (8GB) of computer memory. For optimal performance install the maximum amount of memory in each socket.

How much memory does my system have now?
Your system comes standard with 4096MB (4GB) of RAM. If you have upgraded your system then you may have a different amount.

What are banks and sockets?
A bank is a group of memory sockets. A socket is where a memory module is inserted. A bank can have one or more sockets.

One or more of the sockets in your system is already filled with memory. When you upgrade your system, you can either add memory to one of the open sockets and/or remove memory from a filled socket and replace it with a higher capacity memory module.

How many banks and sockets does my Gateway P Series have?
Your Gateway P Series P-7811FX has 2 banks of 2 sockets each for a total of 2 memory sockets.

Is there anything else I should consider prior to upgrading my Gateway P Series memory?
- Although the BIOS will address 8192MB (8GB) of memory, the amount available to the system will be less than 8192MB (8GB) depending on computer resources.
- Modules must be purchased and installed in pairs for dual channel performance.
- System is capable of recognizing 4GB of memory. However, due to the 32-bit limitation of MS Windows/Mac OS, Operating System can only utilize 3.25GB of the memory when 2GB + 2GB are installed. Therefore we recommend the configuration of 2GB + 1GB = 3GB for this system. 64-bit windows would not have this limitation.

How do I know that Black Diamond memory will work with my system?
OKmemory tests each RAM module to ensure compatiblity with your Gateway P Series system. The memory modules listed above are guaranteed to work in your Gateway P Series P-7811FX. Learn more on how to install memory in a Gateway P Series P-7811FX.