Dell Memory » PowerEdge Memory
PowerEdge Server Memory Upgrades
Maximize your Dell PowerEdge's performances by adding more memory. OKmemory offers fully compatible DDR3 ECC or ECC Registered memory, DDR2 ECC Registered or Fully Buffered Dimm, and DDR ECC Registered Memory for your Dell Servers. These server memory (UDIMM, RDIMM, and FBDIMM) are fully tested on Dell servers and certified by the memory manufacturers. Please feel free to call our specialists to know how to configure/how to upgrade memory for the Dell PowerEdge. 
HOT: New items for Dell PowerEdge 32GB Kit (2X16GB) and 16GB Kit (2X8GB) Memory.
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Dell Memory »Precision Workstation
Precision Workstation Memory Upgrades
Dell Precision Workstation Desktop and Laptop are the highest-performing and most scalable systems, specifically designed for graphics-intensive professionals in engineering, product design, animation and digital imaging. Having at least 8GB or more memory for your Precision Workstation would immediately improve the overall system performances to get the job done faster.
HOT: Precision Workstation 16GB Kit (2X8GB) and 8GB Kit(2X4GB) Memory!
Additional Dell Precision Desktop and Laptop RAM  »
Dell Memory » Dell Laptop Memory options

Latitude / Studio / Inspiron Laptop Memory Upgrades

Power up your Dell laptop by adding more memory. Most laptops have only two memory slots and it is important to get more memory with 4GB Kit (2X2GB) and 8GB Kit (2X4GB) DDR2 or DDR3 SODIMMs. Learn how to install the memory for your Dell Latitude, Dell Studio, Dell Inspiron laptop today.
HOT: 8GB Kit (2X4GB) and 4GB Kit (2X2GB) are available with low prices. 4GB module kits and more.
Additional Dell Laptop RAM  »
Dell Memory »Dimension memory options

Studio / Dimension / Inspiron Desktop Memory Upgrades

Optimize your Dell Desktop and install more memory for better performance. Dell has one of the world's Largest desktop lines with Dimension, Inspiron, and the newest Studio desktops. Expanding from 1GB to 2GB ~ 8GB+ would make your systems run smoother when you are doing multi-tasking under Windows 7.
HOT: New low price for the DDR3 16GB Kit Memory Upgrade for your Studio XPS.
Additional Dell Desktop RAM  »


Apple Memory » Xserve Memory Options
Xserve Server Memory Upgrades
Xserve uses next-generation design for top performance and efficiency with less heat. Learn how to upgrade the Xserve Quad-core up to maximum 24GB (6X4GB) and 8-core up to maximum 48GB (12X4GB). We have DDR2 FBDIMM or DDR3 UDIMM unbuffered / RDIMM ECC Registered for the Xserve. Learn how to upgrade Xserve's memory and get our expert's advices today.
HOT: New Xserve 16GB Kit (2X8GB) and 8GB Kit (2X4GB) Memory.
Additional Apple Server RAM  »
Apple Memory »Mac Pro Memory Options
Mac Pro Memory Upgrades
Boost your 12-core Mac Pro up to 32GB (8X4GB) with fully validated memory to improve the overall system performance. Learn how to upgrade Mac Pro memory today by using our Memory Finder.
HOT: Mac Pro 8GB Kit (2X4GB) and 4GB Kit(2X2GB) Memory.
Additional Apple Desktop RAM  »
Apple Memory » iMac / Mac mini Memory Options
iMac / Mac mini Memory Upgrades
iMac the ultimate all-in-one with turbocharged performance can now install up to 16GB (4X4GB) for the best performance. Find the fully compatible and validated memeory for your iMac / Mac mini with our Memory Finder. 
HOT: iMac 8GB Kit (2X4GB) and 4GB Kit (2X2GB) are available with low prices.
Additional Apple iMac / mini RAM  »
Apple Memory »Macbook Pro. / Macbook Memory Options

Macbook Pro. / Macbook Memory Upgrades
Optimize your Macbook Pro. i5 and i7 processor with 8GB(2X4GB) Memory. It will enhance the overall performance and enable your Macbook Pro. to run more applications at the same time. Learn how to install the Macbook Pro. memory today with our "Guaranteed to Work" memory.
HOT: Upgrade your macbook with 8GB Kit(2X4GB) Memory for less than $150.00.
Additional Apple notebook RAM  »


HP Memory » Proliant Memory Options
Proliant Server Memory Upgrades
Upgrade HP Proliant Server with DDR2 DDR3 server memory today. OKmemory offers certified, compatible Prolaint Memory with Lifetime warranty. Call us today to know how to install/upgrade the memory for your HP Proliant ML and HP Prolaint DL today.
Additional HP Proliant RAM  »
HP Memory »Integrity Memory Options
Integrity Server Memory Upgrades
Optimize your HP Integrity Server with more memory today. Buy only the top quality fully tested, compatible memory for your HP Integrity Server. Learn how to install/upgrade the memory for your HP Integrity Server today.
Additional HP Integrity RAM  »
HP Memory » Pavilion Notebook Memory Options
Pavilion laptop Memory Upgrades
Enhance your HP Provilion / ProBook / Elitebook notebooks' performance today with expanding more memory. Learn how to install/upgrade the memory into two memory slots today to improve the laptop's performance.
Additional HP Laptop RAM  »
HP Memory »Elite Desktop Memory Options

Elite Desktop Memory Upgrades
Boost the benchmark of your HP Pavillion / Elite Desktop / Touchsmart today by adding more memory. Learn how you can upgrade/install/add more memory to help your system run faster with our Memory Finder.
Additional HP Desktop RAM  »


IBM Memory » Power Server Memory Options
Power Server Memory Upgrades
Add more memory to your IBM Power Server to maximize the performance today. All of our server memory are tested in IBM's machines to make sure it's fully tested and compatible with IBM Servers. Learn how to upgrade/add memory to your IBM Servers today with our Memory Finder.
Additional IBM Power Server RAM  »
IBM Memory »Blade Memory Options
 Blade Server Memory Upgrades
Optimize your IBM Blade system with OKmemory's fully tested and compatible memory today. OKmemory offers DDR2 ECC Registered /Fully Buffered DIMM and DDR3 ECC UDIMM and ECC Registered RDIMM for your IBM Blade Server.
Additional IBM Blade Server RAM  »
IBM Memory » Thinkpad Notebook Memory Options
Thinkpad Memory Upgrades
Add more memory to your IBM Thinkpad with DDR 2GB Kit (2X1GB), DDR2 4GB Kit (2X2GB), or DDR3 8GB Kit(2X4GB). Call us today to upgrade/install more memory to your IBM Thinkpad for the best performance.
Additional IBM ThinkPad RAM  »
IBM Memory »ThinkCentre Memory Options
ThinkCentre Memory Upgrades
Boost the performance for your IBM ThinkCentre today with adding more memory. Learn how to install the memory for your IBM thinkCentre with our Installation Guides online or simply give us a call.
Additional IBM ThinkCentre RAM  »


Intel Memory » Server motherboard Memory Options
Server motherboard Memory Upgrades
Upgrade Intel Server Motherboard's memory with our Memory Finder. Learn how to install and upgrade your Intel Server to improve the performance.
Additional Intel Server RAM  »
Intel Memory »Server Modular Memory Options
Server Modular Memory Upgrades
Maximize the performance of the new Intel Server Modular with DDR3 240pin ECC Registered un-buffered memory today. Okmemory offer fully compaitble certified server memory for your Intel Server Modular. Call us to know how to install/add more memory to your Intel Server Modular.
Additional Intel RAM  »
Intel Memory » Chipsets Memory Options
Chipsets Memory Upgrades
Get the compatible memory upgrade for your server based on the Intel North-Bridge chipset. Learn how you can know the chipset of your server today and upgrade the memory today.  
Additional Intel Chipsets RAM  »


Sun Memory » Sparc Memory Options
Sparc Server Memory Upgrades
Optimize your Sparc with adding more DDR3 ECC Registered memory. OKmemory's server memory are fully tested and certified by memory manufacturers for the compatibility and quality. Learn how you can upgrade your Sparc today.
Additional Sun Sparc Server RAM  »
Sun Memory »Blade Server Memory Options
Blade Server Memory Upgrades
Upgrade each of the blade system to up to 18 DIMM slots (144GB) of DDR3 ECC-protected Registered memory ranging from 800Mhz to 1066Mhz. All of our memory are guaranteed to work with your Sun Blade Servers. Learn how to install the memory for your Sun Blade Today. 
Additional Sun Blade Server RAM  »
Sun Memory » Netra Server Memory Options

Netra Memory Upgrades
Put more memory to your Sun Netra to improve the performance for the severs. Upgrade memory with SPARC and UltraSPARC with the 32GB Kit (2X16GB) DDR3 204pin ECC Registered un-buffered certified server memory to expand the memory.
Additional Sun Netra Server RAM  »
Sun Memory »Fire Server Memory Options

Fire Server Memory Upgrades
Boost your Sun Fire Sever's memory with 8GB Kit (2X4GB) memory today. OKmemory has DDR, DDR2, DDR3 fully tested server memory for your Sun Fire Server. Call us today to learn how to configure the Sun Fire Server.
Additional Sun Fire Servers RAM  »


Supermicro Memory » Superserver Memory Options
SuperServers Memory Upgrades
Upgrade memory for your SuperServers 1U/2U/3U Rackmount and 4U/Tower with DDR3 ECC Registered memory. Talk to our server specialist today to learn to config/expand the memory for your SuperServers today.
Additional SuperServers RAM  »
Supermicro Memory »Server Motherboard Memory Options
Server Motherboard Memory Upgrades
Boost memory for your Dual Xeon to Quad Xeon MP and Dual Itanium server motherboard today with DDR3 800/1066/1333 UDIMM/RDIMM memory. Use our memory finder to find the fully compaitble memory for your supermicro server motherboard today.
Additional Supermicro RAM  »
Supermicro Memory » SuperBlade Memory Options

SuperBlade Memory Upgrades
Enhance the memory performance for up to 16 DIMM slots (256GB) for your SuperBlade. OKmemory's server memory are fully tested and certified by memory manufacturers for its premium quality. Learn how to upgrade the memory for your Superblade today by talking to one of our memory specialist.
Additional SuperBlade RAM  »



Tyan Memory » Server Motherboard Memory Options
Tyan Server Memory Upgrades
Add DDR3 800/1066/1333 RDIMM with single rank and dual rank memory to up to 96GB on the Tyan server board for maximum performance. Upgrade your Tyan motherboard today with OKmemory's ECC Registered Memory today.
Additional Tyan RAM  »
Tyan Memory »Integrity Memory Options
Tyan Barebones Memory Upgrades
Fully utilize the barebones with memory for up to 32 DIMM slots (512GB) of DDR3 UDIMM / RDIMM. barebones Learn how to add the memory / config the server for Tyan Barebones today.
Additional Tyan RAM  »



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